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Song by S "Blasting Off A Battled And Bruised Truck"

Feb 1, 2024 |
A song about blasting off a truck that needs to be kept moving despite all odds against it. ... Read more

'Dear Lord' by Yung Kingz

Mar 11, 2022 |
Yung Kingz, based in Rochester NY, are a rap/hip hop group. Listen to their song "Dear Lord," honoring a lost member of Yung Kingz. ... Read more

YNW Melly

Aug 22, 2022 |
Freed from prison recently on false prison charges. YNW is back. Thank God! ... Read more

Bad Karma - Miley Cyrus

Feb 6, 2023 |
Bad Karma by Miley Cyrus is a song released in 2020 on the album Plastic Hearts, features Joan Jett. In this song, Miley Cyrus challenges the notions of things that give people bad karma. ... Read more

Mobile by Avril Lavigne

Jan 8, 2023 |
Rock N Roll star Avril Lavigne's song Mobile is about how everything in life is constantly changing and how things in life are out of our control. ... Read more

Boombox by Laura Marano

May 10, 2023 |
Laura writes about her boombox which turns up a melody that is sweet to her. ... Read more

Upside Down (Spin Me All Around) by Secret Secret Dino Club

Nov 8, 2023 |
A catchy pop song about the love shared between a man and a woman. ... Read more

Till Brad Pitt Comes Along by Taylor Swift

Sep 13, 2022 |
A song about Taylor Swift's crush on Brad Pitt. ... Read more

Third Eye Blind “Red Star”

Sep 10, 2022 |
"Red star" is a song about a couple hiding underground from the FBI. ... Read more

When You Want A Bass Guitar

Nov 30, 2022 |
When you want a bass guitar is a youtube vdeo written by Tik Cover. ... Read more

Mr. Sandman by Chet Atkins

Aug 12, 2023 |
A live renidition of the brilliant and highly complex guitar work dubbed by Chet Atkins- Mr.Sandman. ... Read more

'Grave' by Tate McRae

Jan 16, 2024 |
A song about a relationship that Tate had where she claims you can only try save something that is not already gone and with the analogy that you can only dig a grave so deep. ... Read more

Black Sabbath

Dec 4, 2022 |
Black Sabbath is a legendary Rock'n Roll band started  in Birmingham, England in 1968 by Ozzy Osbourne. Thelr lead guitarist Randy Roads sadly passed away at age 25 in a plane crash and is known ... Read more

Fiesta Pagana by Mago de Oz

Mar 7, 2022 |
Listen to hit song "Fiesta pagana" released in the year 2000 on the album Finisterra by Spanish folk metal band Mägo de Oz. The song features violin mixed with heavier guitar sounds. ... Read more

We are never getting back together by Taylor Swift

Sep 2, 2022 |
The guitar tablature for We are never getting back together by Taylor Swift. ... Read more

Simple Bass Solo For Beginners

Nov 4, 2022 |
A simple and cool bass solo tabbed out. ... Read more

'Nonesense' by Sabrina Caprinter

Jan 23, 2024 |
A catchy song about how Sabrina Carpenter talks nonesense when around a guy she likes. ... Read more

Juice WRLD - Bandit ft. NBA Youngboy

Feb 1, 2024 |
A hit song by the legendary Juice WRLD about how he is the definition of a bandit. (Juice WRLD tragically overdoesed December 8, 2019) ... Read more

Melodic Bass Solo Tab

Nov 8, 2022 |
A melodic bass solo tab by Davie504 ... Read more

Breland - Don’t Touch My Truck

Sep 4, 2022 |
Sirius XM wrote 'Don't touch my truck' outside his typical R&B writing on a challenge. ... Read more